Sleeper Public Library

Pandemic Plan

Sleeper Public Library Pandemic

Phased Reopening Plan


Phase 1: Curbside Delivery*

Patron will order materials by calling on the library phone or messaging thru the Sleeper Public Library Facebook page.

When their order is ready for pickup, we will contact them with a time and the tote number their items will be in.

Staff will pull materials as requested, items will be checked out to the patron and placed in a paper bag, which will be stapled shut and the patrons name written on it.

At the appointed time, staff will place the bag in the outside tote and make sure it is picked up by the patron.  Only one patron’s bag(s) will ever be in the tote at a time.

**Staff will not personally accept any items being returned, all returns must come through book drop so they can be quarantined.

Staff will deliver items to Senior Citizens within the Village limits at the end of the day’s that the library is open.  These items will be bagged and set outside their door.

Staff are encouraged to stay home if showing any symptoms of COVID19 (or if another person in their house is showing symptoms or has tested positive). Staff will be provided with masks and required to wear them at all times. Some of the masks will have ties so as not in interfere with glasses.  Because we only have 2 people on staff, if one employee comes down with COVID the library will be automatically be closed for 2 weeks due to close contact with the other staff member.  Hand washing and/or hand sanitizer will be used frequently by staff as necessary.

Phase 2: Reopening Plan for Building (25% Capacity)*

Signs will be posted requiring patrons to wear a mask when entering the library both for their safety and the safety of our staff.  A facial thermometer will be on hand and if a patron enters without a mask they must have their temperature taken and answer a questionnaire before being allowed to enter. The library will have a small supply of masks for sale by the front desk.  Anyone having an elevated temperature (100.4 or above) will not be allowed to enter the library.


Soft seating will be eliminated. 3 of the 5 computer stations will be open and time on a computer will be limited to ½ hour.  Once a computer is used it will be sanitized and will not be available for 15 minutes after sanitizing. Toys and games will remain put away for the time being.

Lexan shields will be installed at the front service desk. Staff will use book carts to block open desk entrances from patrons. When a patron is ready to check out library materials they will place their items on the book cart by the front desk.  A staff member will then take the items, check them out and place them either in a bag supplied by the patron or a paper bag.  Hands will be washed and/or hand sanitizer will be used by staff between patrons.

The doors between the Library and the Senior Center will remained closed to the public. Doors between lobby and the library will be propped open to reduce touchpoints.

Patrons requiring computer assistance will only receive as much assistance as the staff can provide verbally.  Staff will not be allowed to stay with patrons to help out when they are on a computer.

Only staff will be allowed to use the copy machine and will make copies for patrons.

Staff will sanitize touch points within the building at least twice daily or more if necessary.

The Senior Center will be closed until future notice and be used to store extra furniture, quarantined materials, etc.

Taped X’s will be placed on the floor at service desks showing 6ft distances. Stack aisles will be one-way and tape arrows will be placed on the floor indicating direction.

Signs will be posted requesting that patrons wear masks to protect staff, other patrons, and themselves.  A limit of 1 adult and 1 child per family will be allowed to enter and get reading materials and/or movies.  Maximum capacity of 10 people will be allowed in the library at the same time, provided social distancing is practiced.

Programming will only exist online or in whatever capacity we can supply to the patrons outside the building with no staff contact.  Example:  Summer Reading Club activity packets will be given to children with their books.


Phase 3: Reopening Plan for Building (50% Capacity)*

Phase 3 will follow the same guidelines as phase 2 with the exception that up to 15 patrons can be in the library at the same time.

Phase 4: Back to Business as Usual*

Soft seating will be replaced. All computers will be reopened. Tables will have all chairs again. Toys and games will return to the public areas.

Lexan shields may or may not remain, we will have to assess at the time.

The Senior Center will be back in use with normal procedures.

Library programming will return to normal. 

 *There are no timelines on any of the phases as these will depend on what is going on at the current time with the health of the community, various Executive Orders, and the guidelines of the Huron County Health Department. Phases may not always go in order and we may have to backtrack at time.

Adopted by the Sleeper Public Library Board on May 18, 2020.