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We wanted to let you know that at this time the library will remain as curbside service only. With cases of COVID going up in Huron County we want to stay on the side of caution and keep our patrons and ourselves healthy.
We are also able to send faxes and make copies for the public. Call 989-658-8901 and schedule a time.
Our schedule starting July 6th until further notice will be curbside service Monday thru Friday 1 - 5 p.m.
We will open our doors as soon as we are able, but with just Bonnie and myself, if one gets sick we will be closed down entirely. Thank you for being patient with us and know we are just as anxious as you are to open back up.
Stay safe and give us a call, we will gladly gather items for your enjoyment.
Barbara Butch, Director
P.S. Booker also can't wait until the doors open again.


  • You can go on our website: and on the top right hand column go to Search for books and other library materials.  This will take you to our operating system, click on Sleeper Public Library and you will be able to type in books either by title or author’s name.  Once you have a list of items you would like,

you can call the library at 989-658-8901 and request books, magazines or DVD’s.  We will only take requests by phone because we may not have time to check our email or Facebook.  If we do not answer the phone it is because we are busy getting items and please leave a message with items you want and a phone number.

  • We will get your order ready and call you with a time for you to pick up your items. There will be 2 numbered totes near the front handicap entrance of the library.  We will let you know which tote your bagged items are in.  Do not leave your returns in the totes.  We will make sure to wipe down all handles after each pickup.
  • All items must be returned thru the drop box on the front east corner of the library. All items that are returned will be quarantined for 2 days before we will allow them to be checked out again.  Due to the quarantine period there will be no grace period for movies as we did in the past.  Anything past the due date will accrue fines.
  • For any of our Senior Citizens, in the Village limits, that may not feel comfortable coming out we can deliver your items to you. Deliveries would be made after we close at 5 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  Items would be bagged and set by your door. 


If you need to make copies or send a fax call us during our business hours and we will schedule a time for you to come.  Please be sure to have the correct change, you can let us know the amount of copies or fax pages and we will give you the cost.  For our safety and yours we ask that you wear a mask.  We will meet you at the front entrance and you will be able to come into the front vestibule but no further.  We will do the copies and/or fax and return all items to you. 


The next few weeks will be very different.  On our webpage is our Pandemic Plan.  We will be in Phase 1 until June 30.  At that time the Library Board will meet and we will review the COVID cases in the area.  Only when we feel it is safe not only for us, but also our patrons, will we go to Phase 2 - 25% Occupancy.  On the front window we will have color coded sheets that will show you what phase we are in.  Because there is just myself and Bonnie working, if even one of us comes down with COVID the Library will be shut down for 2 weeks. 


Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.  Thank you for all your support and questions about Booker.  Stay safe and we look forward to filling your requests in the days ahead.


Barbara Butch,

Library Director

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